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10 Useful Tips for having Safe Online Shopping in Pakistan

Nowadays, in the time of COVID, online shopping in Pakistan has become very much popular. It gives the consumers a safer option to shop only when they are well aware of some basic guidelines and know how to use them while shopping online. 

Here are some useful tips and guidelines that make your shopping experience safe and secure and these guidelines help you from facing any fraudulent/deceptive activity:


Tip 1- Shop from trusted online stores/familiar websites:

Start by searching for a well-known, reputed, and trusted online store. It is safe to shop from a trusted seller like a famous brand. Also, look for those websites online with which you are familiar. 

To check the credibility of any online store, read the reviews and feedback that are given by other customers on the website. Also, you can ask shopping enthusiasts within your friends, family members about the trusted online stores.  

There are some sites that use a misspelling of the actual brand or different top-level domain (TLD) names, for example, they can use (.net) instead of (.com), so beware of such sites. You may see a huge number of sales of these websites but remember, this is how they trick the customers. 


Tip 2- Shop from a secure website only:

All secure and legitimate shopping websites use SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption. SSL encryption is used to make the transactions safe, secure, and protected. 

You will know whether a website uses SSL or not through HTTPS and a locked padlock. The website URL starts with HTTPS  and a locked padlock shows at the left side of the website URL in the address bar or the status bar of the browser. If a website URL starts with HTTP (without S at the end of HTTP) then it is not encrypted and secure.

Nowadays, even non-shopping websites use SSL because Google chrome will mark the websites as not secure that is not using SSL encryption. 

Some tips that will help you:

  • Make sure to check this before entering any of your personal or financial (credit/debit card) details while making a transaction. 
  • Never share your personal or financial information through email. 
  • Never use any public computer in internet cafes for online shopping.  
  • Always log out of your account after you have finished using the website.
  • Make sure that you have an updated version of antivirus software installed.  


buy online in pakistan with secure website


Tip 3- Check the warranty, and read the exchange and privacy policy:

Before buying a product from an online store, make sure to check the warranty of that product. Nowadays, online shopping stores/websites have a proper exchange policy, terms, and conditions. 

Always carefully read the refund/return, exchange policy of that respective online store before buying anything to make your shopping experience safe and secure. 

All the online shopping stores have privacy policy guidelines that the mentioned on their website. Make sure to read the privacy policy carefully to identify any suspicious practices that the website is using. 

It is very much necessary that your personal and financial information should be kept private and confidential. 


Tip 4- Check the product immediately when delivered:

When the product is delivered, immediately check it. This helps you in identifying any discrepancies and to contact the respective store for a return or refund according to its policy. 


Tip 5- Always save the receipts:

Always keep the receipts of the online transaction save either in print or electronic form. This record will be used as a reference in the future if any mishap or fraudulent activity happens, in case. 


Tip 6- Avoid sharing more information than required:

Most of the websites ask the customer for personal and financial information while making a purchase. The more information you provide, the more you are accessible to be get caught by the scammers. So, don’t share too much information than required. Only fill out the fields that are mandatory and skip the optional ones. 

Moreover, before filling out the form, take a closer look at the privacy policy of that respective store so that you know where and how your information is to be used. 


Tip 7- Make your passwords strong:

Creating strong, unique, uncrackable passwords is the best way to protect your information from being private and to save your online transaction from hackers. If you use the same password on multiple accounts on various e-commerce websites then it is time to change them. 

Change your passwords to more complicated and long so that your information will become hack-proof. Simply, you can use password manager tools that help to generate long, uncrackable passwords and also track them easily so you don’t need to remember them. 

Pro Tip: You can use a phrase as a password so it becomes easy to remember it. Make sure to create complicated, unique phrases that are hard to be guessed by hackers. 


Tip 8: Update the software:

Most of us don’t pay enough attention to regularly updating our security software, that is the most important and easy way to protect our information. These software updates are frequently released to protect against the attacks that are constantly developed and to improve security. 

If your antivirus software is not up-to-date then it will let in the malware. So, make sure to update your software every next time you see the alert. Remember that it is not enough only to install the software.  

buy online in pakistan safely


Tip 9 – Avoid using public cafes for online shopping:

When you’re out, it is better to take your laptop or use your mobile for shopping online. It is because internet connection at the public cafes and free hotspots is not secured. Entering your credit card details gives a free hand to hackers to get access to your information. 

Make sure to log out all of your accounts from shopping sites on your mobile devices before connecting to the public network. 

Avoid logging in to payment sites or banking sites on the public network. 

A piece of better advice: Try to stay at home while you shop online. 


Tip 10 – Complaint loudly:

Instead of getting embarrassed when get caught in any fraudulent or scam activity while you shop online, complain loudly to the respective seller immediately about the situation. 



In Pakistan, there is no proper legislation for online shopping stores and there is no government authority that gives them proper approval. So, it is better to take precautions beforehand and follow these guidelines and tips to make your online shopping safe and secure. 

Have a safe and secure online shopping experience!

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