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The terms and conditions that are given on this page infer the agreement between the customer and the New Hot Deals Pakistan brand. Before you order any product, you should read all the terms and conditions that are listed on this page. You should also make sure that you understand and accept every point stated in the terms and conditions listed on our website. 


When you place an order, you will always receive an acknowledgment email. This email is only for acknowledgment of the placed order and it doesn’t mean the acceptance of the order. The contract between you and New Hot Deals Pakistan is not established unless you receive a confirmation email about the products that you have ordered. The products mentioned in this confirmation email are part of the contract only. 


Our team at New Hot Deals Pakistan always works hard to make sure that the price and availability of the products are always updated on our website so that there will be no inconvenience for our customers. But, errors may happen occasionally. If you’ve ordered a product and its price has been changed then we will inform you about the updated price and ask you about the reconfirmation of this order. You have a choice either to go with the product’s revised price or cancel the order. If there’s a case that we can’t contact you then we will assume that the order is canceled. In a case, you have paid online and then cancel the order, you will get a complete refund of the payment through your already chosen payment method. 


As of now, the payment method that we accept is the “Cash On Delivery (COD)”. We may introduce other online payment options later. 


You can use any promo codes till the time they are active. It is not possible to add a coupon code after you’ve purchased the product. 


All the content available on this website is entirely owned by New Hot Deals Pakistan unless it is mentioned otherwise. The using, tailoring, customizing, republishing, publicizing, or altering of the content is not allowed at any cost. But you can ask for authorization to use certain products for example the images etc. For permission, you can contact us at this email 


We are solely responsible to protect the security and safety of your personal information. In this regard, we take the best care to keep it under confidentiality by all means. If there’s a case of anything seriously wrong with your data, you can change it immediately.


We maintain cookies so that we can receive information about your preferences on our website. This helps us identify our valued customers’ priorities and preferences so that we can provide them with the best solutions. This also helps us to know what our target audiences want from us. At times, the cookies are maintained by third-party providers. In this case, you can refuse to accept cookies by changing the settings in your browser.


We at, have the right to change the price, delivery charges (add or remove), alter the item details and specifications for any product at any time when we want. 

We ensure that the images and pictures of the products listed on our website should be as much close to the real stuff as possible. New Hot Deals Pakistan has the right over the pictures of the products or glitches in them. But, we cannot ensure that the images of the products are the same as the real ones. Sometimes, the color, size, and shape of the product change according to the device (laptop, phone) that you are using. So, we recommend you to not take it as the exact sample that you receive. 


All the trademarks, logos, branding, and every material that is present on this website are solely owned by It is not allowed to use any content or any part of it or copy any content material other than that for non-commercial use and it is strictly forbidden unless approved by New Hot Deals Pakistan. 


The customer will not own the products or items unless they pay 100% of the price.


If there’s a case of any scam, it will be sent to the government completely and New Hot Deals Pakistan observes the legal right to cancel/end that order if any misbehavior or mistrust happens under the contract.


If there is any infringement of the rules and regulations then New Hot Deals Pakistan possesses the legal right to terminate your account and profile. If you violate the terms and conditions then your order will be canceled without informing you.


New Hot Deals Pakistan has the right to make any changes in the terms and conditions whenever needed. Whenever you place an order at then it will follow the terms of use that are described at that time. So, it is recommended that you should visit this terms of use page regularly so you will be aware of the changed terms and conditions. 


For any query or confusion about this, you can send an email to us at