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What are the Top 10 Online Women Handbags Brands in Pakistan?

Most women think that handbags are a must-have accessory of their wardrobe because these are not only used to hold different things but also cast a fashion statement. With the emerging fashion trends of handbags brands in Pakistan, women like to buy handbags from different brands and designers. These branded handbags are available in a variety of designs, colors, styles, and materials that contribute to enhancing the personality and fashion sense of a woman. 

Due to the increasing online shopping trend, most of the international brands are now selling their best quality handbags online in Pakistan. These are available at affordable prices. 

If you’re thinking to upgrade your wardrobe with the best and trendy handbags then you need to know about the different famous brands of handbags that are selling online in Pakistan. So, in this article, you’ll get to know about the top 10 online women’s handbags brands in Pakistan


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Top 10 online women’s handbags brands in Pakistan:


Here are the 10 best ladies handbags brands in Pakistan that are available for shopping online:

  1. Chanel
  2. Gucci
  3. Calvin Klein
  4. Prada
  5. Michael Kors
  6. Louis Vuitton
  7. Dior
  8. Aldo
  9. Zara
  10. Burberry


1- Chanel:

Chanel is one of the famous brands of handbags that manufactures the best quality handbags around the world. 

The long-chain handbags, shoulder bags, clutches, and top handle bags of the brand with its signature logo depict that class and elegance as they are available in a variety of colors, designs, and styles. 

Chanel handbags are mostly used by celebrities at award shows, movie premieres, etc. The brand is so famous that every celebrity has its handbags. 



Everyone loves to buy from GUCCI. 

It is one of the most popular household brands. It is widely known for its signature logo. 

The brand manufactures a variety of handbags for women that are classy, chic, and yet fashionable. Their leather hobos, shoulder bags, clutches, wallets, travel bags are very popular among fashion lovers.   


3- Calvin Klein:

It is a classic brand that shows sophistication in its chic stylish handbags. The handbags of Calvin Klein are a favorite of many women and so they are considered a must-have accessory in the wardrobe. 

Their handbags are available in a wide range of different designs, colors, and styles. 

You will find elegant design, practicality, reliability, and dependability as the main features of Calvin Klein’s handbags. 


4- Prada:

Prada is an Italian brand, founded in 1913. The elite class women and celebrities want to carry Prada handbags because it not only gives them a style statement but also the perfect design and craftsmanship clearly shown in their handbags collection.    

Apart from manufacturing bags, the brand also has an extensive range of clothes, shoes, jewelry, perfumes, and watches. 


5- Michael Kors:

This brand is widely known for its versatility and class. Their iconic ladies’ handbags with a signature MK logo are very much popular in the world of handbags. Their canvas totes and leather hobos are one of a kind. 

You will find the perfect bag for yourself according to your need. Michael Kors handbags are also the best choice to gift your loved ones.  


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6- Louis Vuitton:

It is a French brand that is very much famous and successful. Their handbags are considered the best example of sophistication and class. The design of their handbags for women is unique making the brand popular in the world of fashion

The feature that sets this brand apart from the others is that they manufacture handbags for every age group keeping in view the preferences, needs, and demands of every age. This is one of the reasons that Louis Vuitton is an iconic brand for many people. 


7- Dior:

Founded in 1994, the brand has successfully achieved the aim of being classic in its handbags and other accessories, clothing, and makeup collection. 

Princess Diana also helped in the development of the brand. 

Every single bag of the brand looks so flawless that there is no need for buying an updated version. Their products are reliable and durable and they look new after years of buying them. So, buying Dior handbags and other products will be a lifetime investment. 


8- Aldo:

It is a brand with a chain store found in Canada. 

One of the best features of this brand is that it manufactures handbags with real quality leather, and they are natural and hand-crafted. Their most important style is faux-only.

The brand also offers accessories and shoes. 


9- Zara:

This brand offers much more than just bags. It is a very popular brand among women because it sells a wide range of trendy products at affordable prices. 

Their handbags collection includes cross bodies, totes, and backpacks which consistently grab the customers’ attention. 


10- Burberry:

If you are searching for a bigger handbag for your workplace, then the Burberry collection is perfect for you. Their practical and stylish handbags have the feature of durability that makes them worth purchasing. 

The brand is also famous in Pakistan and people love to carry their handbags exhibiting the Burberry monogram. 




Now, you are well-aware of the best designer handbags brands and these are enough for you to find your favorite handbag according to your needs. 

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Grab your favorite handbag now!

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